We at SAMBA SPORTS ARENA wish to encourage friendly competition.  It is our sincere hope that all players and spectators enjoy our facility.  Our facility is here for your recreational needs, if there is anything we can do to improve it, please let us hear from you.  Your comments and suggestions are encouraged and appreciated.  Please send to samba03@sbcglobal.net


  1. Individuals utilizing this facility do so at their own risk.  The property owner(s), league operators, officers and staff of SAMBA SPORTS ARENA, assume no liability for any injuries or accidents which may occur.  Please reference Waiver of Liability page.
  2. Conduct within the facility by players and spectators should be in the spirit of good sportsmanship, both on and off the field.
  3. SAMBA SPORTS ARENA does not assume any responsibility for any items Lost or Stolen.
  4. NO Food, or Drinks on the Playing Field
  5. NO Chewing Tobacco, Sunflower Seeds or Chewing Gum on the Playing Field
  6. PLEASE NO PETS inside the Facility
  7. Parents/Guardians are responsible for their children. Any damage to SAMBA SPORTS ARENA and/or surrounding buildings and vehicles are the responsibility of the parents/guardians.  SAMBA SPORTS ARENA assumes no liability.
  8. All play must be conducted as set forth in the LAWS OF THE GAME http://www.usindoor.com And as modified by this facility
  9. Pregnancy: SAMBA SPORTS ARENA will NOT ALLOW a pregnant woman to play after the first trimester of pregnancy (3 months).SAMBA SPORTS ARENA has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. PLAYERS or SPECTATORS Arguing or fighting inside or outside facility can expect the following: You Fight, You Leave and your membership is terminated.  NO REFUNDS!
  10. Teams and or Individuals dropping out of the league once schedule games have been posted will forfeit registration fee. NO REFUNDS and  NO CREDITS. Samba Sports Arena is ONLY obligated to contact team coach or team captain/contact in the event of schedule changes. SAMBA SPORTS ARENA reserves the right to refuse play or service to anyone.  


  1. Each PLAYER must have a SAMBA SPORTS ARENA Players card and present it to the referee BEFORE the game begins.  No Players card NO PLAY
  2. ADULT LEAGUES: NO CLEATS. Turf shoes or Indoor shoes recommended.  YOUTH LEAGUES may wear turf or outdoor cleats
  3. ALL players must wear SHINGUARDS and they must be covered.
  4. Athletic attire recommended: NO Grey or Safety Green/Yellow T-shirts. NO JEANS or SHORTS with zippers/pockets.
  5. If you cancel or reschedule a game. SAMBA SPORTS ARENA is only obligated to inform the other TEAMS CONTACT PERSON.
  6. PLAYERS; u8 & u10 play 6 vs. 6.  u12,  u14 & Adults 5 vs. 5 an extra player is awarded if a team is down by 5 points.
  7. All free kicks are DIRECT (Exception see COED RULES) and defensive team must give 6 feet. YOUTH LEAGUES: Kick off is indirect
  8. 3-LINES, Ball cannot travel across 3 lines without touching a player, wall or floor.
  9. Substitutions are on the fly, except goalkeeper.  Ball must be at restart of play.
  10. A ball played into the roof, will be placed on the LINE nearest to where the player kicked ball.  NOT where it hits on the roof.
  11. A goal is determined as the whole of the ball completely crossing the line.
  12. ANYONE kicking BALL into the ceiling deliberately, SLAMMING DOORS  can expect 2 – 5min suspension or expulsion at the referees discretion. Players or Spectators ARGUING with the referee ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY.

        WHATS A FOUL?  The following are considered fouls IF the referee deems they are, whether they were committed intentionally, unintentionally or in a dangerous manor. And can result in 2min suspension.  5min suspension or removal from game or facility if referee deems necessary.

  1. Kicks or attempting to kick an opponent, referee, spectator, or employee.
  2. Trips or attempts to trip an opponent.
  3. Jumps at an opponent
  4. Charges an opponent or goalkeeper, from behind, side or charging into the boards.
  5. Strikes or attempts to strike an opponent, referee, spectator or employee.
  6. Pushes an opponent.
  7. Holds an opponent.
  8. Spits at an opponent.
  9. Handles the ball.
  10. Forcing an opponent into the boards.
  11. Slide tackling. This includes a hand or knee touching the floor.
  12. Playing ball on the ground.  On the ground defined as hand, knee or body on the ground.
  13. Verbal abuse or taunting an opponent, referee or spectator.
  14. A player can not obstruct the goalkeeper in the goal box, when he/she attempts to throw ball. (Player must be outside goal box.)
  15. Playing in a manor that the referee deems dangerous to any player.
  16. Delay of game.  Not putting ball into play within 6 seconds.


  1. Goalkeeper handles ball longer than 6 seconds
  2. Plays ball back to him/herself with feet.
  3. Plays ball to him/herself on a goal throw.
  4. Goalkeeper cannot slide outside goal box.
  5. Goalkeeper cannot reach out and handle ball outside of goal box. (2min suspension)
  6. Goalkeeper cannot pick up a ball intentionally played back by a team mate, even if team mate uses the wall to play ball back.  A ball passed back from team mate above knees is alright to pick up.


  1. Number of players 5 vs. 5.  Coed consists of 2 men and 2 women and a goalkeeper of their choice.
  2. Scoring. Male goal =1pt/Female goal =2pts.
  3. A Defensive deflected goal, points will be determined by 1. Who shot & 2. If shot was on target for the goal.  This will be determined by the referee.
  4. Macho Rule: A man shoots or clears a ball of the wall and hits the opposition women above the knees – A 2min suspension will be awarded.  Repeated violation will 5mins then out for remainder of game. Coed A Division first time will be a warning 2nd time Rule takes affect, all other divisions rule apply.
  5. To play in either COED League or Men’s League players must be 15 years of age or older.  Women’s League is 13 years of age (Women’s League ONLY; Player maybe younger if Management & Parent/Guardian agree


  •  If the game is not a FORFEIT, opposing team reserves the right to REFUSE oppositions substitute player/players
  • MUST be REGISTERED on a team.  IF you are NOT on a team, you MUST pay $15. to play  (Even if the team is paid)
  • Substitution with a NON FULLY PAID TEAM the following fees apply.
  • $10. For players on EXISTING team. & $15. For persons without a team .

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